Industrial Engineering Prerequisites

 Code Name Code Name
 MATH 102 Calculus II MATH 101 Calculus I
 MATH 201 Linear Algebra MATH 102 Calculus II
 MATH 202 Differential Equations MATH 102 Calculus II
 CS 102 Intro. to Programming II CS 101 Intro. to Programming I
 PHYS 102 Physics II PHYS 101 Physics I
 IE 212 Statistical Models IE 211 Probability and Statistics for Engineering
 IE 351 Introduction to Stochastic Models IE 212 Statistical Models
 IE 312 Engineering Quality Control IE 212 Statistical Models
 IE 341 Introduction to Optimization MATH 201 Linear Algebra
 IE 382 Simulation IE 212 Statistical Models
 IE 361 Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems IE 201 Operations Modeling
 IE 362 Service Engineering and Management IE 201 Opeartions Modeling
 IE 403 Production and Operations Management IE 361 Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems